Yes, you can get paid to live in Gilliam County! Gilliam County has been very successful in attracting great companies that expand the tax base, enabling the County to offer rebates for your Gilliam County home. To qualify for the Gilliam County Homestead Rebate Program you must:
1) Own and occupy your homestead on June 30. The property must be your principal homestead as of June 30th. Temporary absence from the homestead on June 30th would not disqualify you as long as the property remains your principal homestead and is not rented during the absence.
2) You purchased your homestead after June 1st but no later the June 30th
3) If your homestead is a manufactured structure or a houseboat you must file by June 30 and the manufactured structure or houseboat must be in your name no later than Aug 1
4)A property owned by a corporation, partnership, trust, etc. must include a copy of a document stating the home occupant’s name as one of the owners
5)Your deed or contract must be filed by June 30th.

To receive a rebate you must file a claim with the Gilliam County Assessor’s office no later the June 30th (or Aug 1st if purchased after June 1st but before June 30th). For forms and more information on the Homestead Rebate Program please contact the Gilliam County Assessor’s office at 541-384-3781.